Castlefarm Food

All meat, vegetables and eggs produced at Castlefarm are certified organic. Castlefarm also produces honey and apple juice. Jenny also produces cheese, seasonal chutneys, dressings and jams. Other local produce and speciality food is also sold at Castlefarm. This includes farmhouse cheeses, farmhouse Icecream, homebaking, jams, gluten free items and bacon products.

Castlefarm Organic Pork

At Castlefarm we rear and butcher rarebread pigs on a regular basis and sell our organic pork through the farm shop. Our pigs live in a large paddock beside our organic allotments. They are fed a diet of organic ration, eggs and milk and also are delighted to receive lots of organic titbits from the allotment plots. The most important thing is that the pigs lead very healthy and happy lives. We regularly hold farm walks for our customers (see the Castlefarm Events Diary) and these walks always include a trip to say hello the pigs.
“Castlefarm pork is so delicious. It is succulent and tasty, a totally different product to the stuff in the supermarkets. I like the fact that i have seen the pigs in their field and that they have had a nice life” Joy from Wicklow

Castlefarm Cheese

Castlefarm Cheese is Kildare’s first farmhouse cheese. Castlefarm Natural and Shamrock cheeses are made with organic milk from the Castlefarm dairy herd. The Castlefarm dairy herd is made up of Jersey cross and British Friesian cows. The Castlefarm dairy herd benefits from an organic grass and clover diet, ensuring the cheese’s creamy taste. Castlefarm Natural cheese is tasty, creamy Gouda. Fenugreek is added to Castlefarm Shamrock, giving the cheese a wholesome nutty taste. Castlefarm cheeses are easy to recognise as they are dressed in distinctive green wax.

Castlefarm Organic Eggs

At Castlefarm we have very happy hens and ducks which have lots of room to roam and scratch around. They provide our customers with organic eggs which are sold through our honesty box as well as the farm shop. If you would like to collect your own eggs with us please see our Events Diary to see when the next egg collecting takes place.
"These days when life is so demanding it is very easy to settle for convenience, but there is no substitute for quality and these eggs are well worth the extra mile!" Sandra from Kildare town

Castlefarm Fresh Organic Vegetables

Jenny grows ½ an acre of vegetables each year and these are sold through the farm shop. The organic orchard produces rhubarb, soft fruit and apples. According to Jenny, “Local seasonal vegetables are best value in terms of money and nutrition”

Castlefarm Apple Juice

Each year we gather our apples and bring them to the Apple Farm in Tipperary where they are pressed and bottled and return to our farm shop.

Castlefarm Honey

Local beekeepers Jane Sellers and Loretta keep up to nine bee hives on our farm. The bees thrive on our apple blossoms and clover pastures. On a sunny day visitors on our farm walks can enjoy a walk to our hives.

Jenny's Preserves

Depending on whats in season Jenny makes salad dressings, jams and preserves.


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Jenny and Peter Young of Castlefarm with Darina AllenFresh Organic Vegetables
Jenny and Peter Young
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