Castlefarm Beef

At Castlefarm we raise and finish our own certified organic Aberdeen Angus beef. This traditional beef breed are small easy to manage animals. Their meat is marbled with fat (pockets of fat between the muscles) which gives lots of flavour. At 16-18 months the heifers are ready to be sent to our local abattoir and craft butchers Murphy’s in Tullow.

Only a small number of animals are butchered on these premises each week and the butchers have been approved by IOFGA. Animal welfare is extremely important to us. Murphy’s is a small family run butchers and there is very little stress for our animals which are killed within hours of arriving. It is also very little stress for us who are confident that the animals are as well cared for at the butchers as they have been on our farm.

We sell our beef through a beef box scheme. We hang the meat for 21 days to maximise flavour and tenderness. The boxes normally include 6-8 steaks, 3 roasts, stewing beef and good quality mince. Cost per kg is €14.50 and box sizes range from 8 to 14kg. The customer gets good value and we get a fair price for our produce.
“The beef is exceptional, the best I’ve ever had, we are all glad we got it”. Klara, from Dublin

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